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YRC Rear Wing V2 & CJM V3 Track Chassis Mounted Splitter - MK7 Golf R 2015-2017

YRC Rear Wing V2 & CJM V3 Track Chassis Mounted Splitter - MK7 Golf R 2015-2017


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All sales are final, no returns or refunds. This item does not qualify for free shipping. This product is assembled to order and ships 3-4 weeks after the order is placed.  Made in USA. 

We sell many of these components individually here:


    This kit has been designed so that each component can be replaced, including just half of the blade. Drive off track, bend an endplate or mangle a lower strake on one side? No problem, just swap on a replacement (available here).

    Design & Development
    The YRC & CJM Aero system has been developed over multiple months using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations to maximize downforce, drag and longitudinal stability. YRC performed all of our simulations on a 1:1 MK7 GTI model to gather the most accurate data possible. 

    If you research providers of aerodynamic parts, you may find that many provide only free-stream data for their airfoils, either because their wing was designed to be universal or it yields more impressive numbers when run under ideal conditions. The YRC wing kit has been developed specifically for the MK7/7.5 platform to address some of the unique challenges of adding an effective wing to a hatchback. Our end-mounted airfoil and oversized endplates ensure uninterrupted flow to the aerodynamic surfaces, increasing underwing suction, minimizing drag and improving the overall efficiency of the system.

    To learn more about the steps in our CFD design, simulation and testing process, YRC has a great overview here.

    To learn more about the joint design & development work CJM & YRC did for the MK7 aero kit specifically, check out some of our video content on the YRC YouTube page.


    YRC Wing:


    Designed to complement the lines of the MK7 Golf platform and add class-leading downforce to the rear of the vehicle, this modular wing can be run at angles of attack from 0 - 10 degrees (in 5 degree increments) allowing the flexibility to balance aero upgrades at the front or change your setup from track to track.

    Made from laser cut .100/080 5052 plate & extruded 6061 aerospace aluminum, the main airfoil & dual secondary canards are both strong and lightweight (entire assembly weighs less than 17 lbs!) Wing kit comes complete with endplates, all necessary brackets, Neoprene damping material, slip washers & stainless button-head mounting hardware.

    The airfoil is a highly efficient 55” extrusion with an 8.8” chord and deep cambered profile, offering a drag ratio of between 12.8:1 and 9.08:1 (depending on AOA.) See performance data chart in images below.

    Mounting requires drilling of 8 holes in the factory hatch & spoiler to receive stainless M6 rivet nuts. The entire assembly can be removed from your vehicle in minutes with 10 screws.  

    Each Order includes:

    - Wing foil

    - Wing uprights/endplates

    - Mounting plates & hardware 

    - Printed Install Sheet with pictures

    - All parts powder coated satin textured black for corrosion resistance. 


    Custom Options: (email to order)

    Custom color powder coating on the wing: +$100 + 2 weeks

    Special tools required for install (not included):


    CJM V3 Splitter:


    Our results are shown in the table image. 100+ lbs of downforce @100mph. 300 lbs at 130mph.  

    Please read these product details thoroughly for fitment and installation requirements. This can be installed in a driveway with basic tools. Please review the written  install sheet and tool list to understand what is involved in the process, or watch our install video. Professional install recommended if you are not comfortable removing the front crash bar. 

    • Brackets & rods come in raw aluminum unless powder coating option is selected. Expect some visible imperfections in the material from the cutting and bending process on raw aluminum parts.
    • This will not fit with any front mount/twin intercooler.
    • If you are on air ride, do not air-out onto these brackets, they are not designed to support the weight of an entire vehicle. 
    • Requires drilling two 11mm holes in the crash bar for install. 
    • Trimming the factory splash guard under the bumper is required (not the bumper).
    • Brackets are made of 5052 Aluminum, these mount to 6 points of the chassis/crash bar to hold a splitter blade of your choice. They are height adjustable in 12mm increments.


    Each Order includes:

    • Top driver & passenger side bracket
    • bottom brackets with pre-installed hex shank rivnuts for the lip/blade
    • Center support brace with pre-installed hex shank rivnuts for the lip/blade
    • Flange head bolts and nylock hardware for adjustable height settings
    • Flange head bolts and nylock hardware to mount to the Chassis. 
    • Countersunk hardware to attach a blade to brackets (3/8" or thinner blade)
    • 2 piece blade - 9mm thick -  black textured UV resistant plastic with a radiused edge and pre drilled countersunk holes and an air dam that contours to the lower edge of the bumper.
    • Side support rods - Aluminum rods, stainless hardware. \
    • Front cable supports, and mounting brackets
    • 4 piece endplate kit
    • Strakes for the bottom of the blade
    • Rear angle brace, for the rear edge of the blade (the most important edge of a splitter!)
    • Tire spat kit
    • Template to mount front cable supports
    • Printed Install Sheet with pictures 

    Add on options (not included):

    • Drill bit - 11mm step bit & 4mm pilot bit
    • Powder coating 

    Weights - 

    Full assembly - 39lbs

    Ships in a 24"x50"x6" box - 45lbs packed


     Custom Coating Options: (email to order)


    Weights - 

    Wing assembly - 17lbs

    Splitter assembly - 39lbs (This weight is as close to the ground as it can get!)

    Ships in 3 boxes. 



    Whats the difference between splitter versions?

    • V1 - Blade (no air dam) - DIY/intro kit
    • V2 - Blade with integrated air dam - Shaped for street use
    • V3 - CFD tested for optimum performance on a track car. Additions include:
    - Tire spats
    - Strakes
    - Additional bracing
    - Large endplates
    - Front cable supports
    - Modular design for easy part replacement


    Whats the difference between wing versions?

    • V1 - No longer available
    • V2 - Improved airfoil, and mounting brackets. 


    Disclaimer - 

    Off road use only, not intended to be used on public roads. This product is not DOT approved. This product may alter the handling of the vehicle. The buyer is responsible for all modifications made to your car. CJM Industries llc assumes no responsibility or liability as a result from altering your car with our products. This product may not comply with Federal, State, Province, and/or Local laws, ordinances, and regulations. Buyer takes all responsibility to conform to all applicable laws and regulations for road use, especially pertaining to safety. 

    Install Info

    Install sheets can be found on We are in the process of digitizing all sheets. If you can't find the copy you need, please email us!

    Shipping info:

    • Orders placed before 12pm EST typically ship the next business day if the product is in stock. Orders placed after 12pm EST will ship 48 hours later. 
    • Orders placed after 10am EST on Friday will ship on Monday. 
    • Tracking will be emailed as soon as we create the label. 
    • US shipping is free for orders over $75
    • Shipping to Canada is free on orders over $150. (Diffusers, skirts & splitters excluded) 
    • All international shipments are sent DDU and with signature required. You will be responsible for all duties and customs fees and arranging for delivery. 

    Shipping & FAQ

    • When will my order ship?
      • Orders placed before 12pm EST typically ship the next business day if the product is in stock. Orders placed after 12pm EST will ship 48 hours later. 
      • Orders placed after 10am EST on Friday will ship on Monday. 
      • DHL Orders placed after 10am EST on Friday will ship on Monday.
      • Tracking will be emailed as soon as we create the label. 
      • Do your products come with a warranty?
        • Yes! We offer a manufacturer warranty on all of our products, the time period ranges by product line, so feel free to contact us for replacement parts. Please be sure to include which pieces you need.
      • Do you ship international? What are the fees?
        • We do ship direct to some countries.
        • The customer is responsible for all import duties and customs fees. They are not built into the product cost. 
      • Is this 3D printed?
        • Yes, All of our pods are 3d printed to allow for continuous improvement. We don't make injection molds because they are far to expensive for the custom fit products we make.

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