Prototyping process

If you are flexible with your timeline and willing to help us with the test fitting, we love to work with customers to develop pods for new platforms. You should anticipate a 8-10 week turn around on this whole process start to finish. Most of the time we are working with customers out of state so this all happens through shipping and email. 


Our timeline typically works like this:

  1. We ask you to send pictures of the dash from the drivers seat, and provide the part number embossed on the back side of the vent cover from your car. 
  2. We order that part so we can redesign it to accommodate our pod and build a dual pod jig to fit the vent base (The reasoning behind the dual pod jig is below).
  3. We send you an invoice for a $60 refundable deposit to cover the jig cost. Once that is paid,  we ship you the jig to test fit. 
  4. You install the jig in your car and drive around with it for a few days to tweak it as needed (wing nuts allow adjustment, no tools needed). Once you are happy with the tilt, rotation and angle you stick the jig back in the box and return it with a label we provide. 
  5. We receive the jig, refund your $60 deposit and use this jig to create the final design. 
  6. Occasionally we need to send out a second or third vent part revision to get the best fit (this depends on the vent shape). 
  7. We ship out the final pod to you.  


You can choose a single or dual pod at the end of the process. We reserve the right to sell this design on our website after our development is complete.