MK7 GTI & Golf R Panel Install

1. Start by closing the rear vent flap so we dont lose any parts into the A/C duct.

2. Use a bone trim tool or rounded flat head screwdriver to pop out the Hazard light/airbag light switch. A gentle twist of your tool should pop this out easily.

 gti mk7 dash trim removal


3. Using a trim tool, gently pry the outer vent fin assembly out of its seat from the right side. The two tab holes that hold this piece are shown below.

4. Using a trim tool, gently pry the inner vent fin assembly out of place from the  bottom. Rotate the assembly up to pull out the fins. 

The two tabs that hold this fin assembly in place are shown below.

5. Drill a pass through hole on the right side ducting to route wiring. Check behind ducting to ensure you do not damage other wiring!

You can now reinstall the inner vent fins. Tip the top edge into place, then slide the bottom into place. 

6. If you are installing a Ram Mount (sold separate) press in the 1/4"-20 hex bolt into the back of the CJM panel and hand tighten the Ram base. 

7. Drop in the CJM Industries vent panel, sliding the curved left edge first (left side), then seating the right edge under the Hazard switch. 


6. Gently push the hazard light switch back in until it clicks into place, ensuring it is fully seated. 


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