MK6 GTI / Golf R Center Vent Install

Gently remove the trim piece around the head unit using a bone tool.

Remove the four T-20 screws. Slide the head unit out and set it below the opening between the shifter and cubby. We suggest not unplugging it.

Use a pick or small screw driver to release the two spring clips. Use a bone tool to pry the vent assembly forward as you release the clips. The clips are not visible when installed (circled below).

Slide the vent assembly out and detach the hazard switch and wiring clip.

Gently pry the 12 clips around the vent to remove the front trim panel. Start on the outside edge and work towads the middle with a pick or bone tool.

Pop out the  OEM vent fin slats by releasing the outter tab.

Pop out the inner vent fin by prying the lower edge up. 

A. Seat the lower edge of the CJM pod on the trim lip.

B. pull the trim opening wider.

C. Rotate the top edge into place.  NOTE: Do not drag the trim along the edge of the pod, it can scratch the pod surface.

Drill a hole in the side of your vent duct. 3/8” fit our wiring.

Reattach the back half of the vent assembly.

Fish wiring behind the dash over the the fuse panel.

Pull wiring through the vent hole. TEST WIRING


Plug in your gauge.

Install your gauge using the included adhesive strip.

Plug in hazard switch. Re-install the vent assembly in the dash. 

Slide the head unit back into place and install hardware. Install trim that surrounds head unit. 


WARNING: Check your gauge manufacturers info sheet for safe operation temperatures. The vent opening can get very hot with the heat on. We recommend keeping the vent dial at half open or less. 

NOTE: For gauges that measure less than 52mm and feel loose inside the pod, use a rubber band or strip of tape to increase the diameter.



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