Fender Vent Testing

Our goal with these vents was to decrease wheel well temps. We tried various fin counts, and vent shapes to find a balance between performance, looks, and ease of install. We did not want to cut out any of the fender brackets, or cut out the entire fender liner. 

The data was collected during a track day at Road Atlanta with an ambient temp of 72*-76*F. Our fender vent was installed on the driver side of Kyle Gurnys' MK7 Golf R. The passenger side had a stock fender. A temperature sensor was placed next to the strut inside each fender well. Readings were taken each minute over the course of the day. 

Peak temps were reduced by 10*-20*F, and wheel well temps dropped quicker during cool-down times between laps.

There are many factors at play with fender vents. Front aero parts, grill dams, vehicle speed, fender liner cut outs, and tire poke can affect the efficiency flow of the vents. Our testing was done to provide a baseline of information for our customers. Your results may vary.