B6 Passat Vent Pod

1. Pry open the fuse panel inside the driver side door.

2. Gently push the back of the vent assembly forward so it pops out of the dash. 

3. Slide the vent assembly forward and remove from the dash.

4. Attach the adhesive strip to the inside edge of the pod, long ways, as seen in the picture. Not all gauges measure 52mm exactly. A rubber band or strip of tape can enlarge the diameter if your gauge still feels loose.

5. Using a pick, bone tool, flat head or combination gently pry the 6 tabs around edge of the vent assembly. These tabs will be very fragile in older vehicles.

6. Using a pick, pry the right edge of the vent fins out of the duct, then slide out the left side of the fins.

7. Slide the left edge of the pod into the vent trim.

8. Slide in the left side of the pod. Then press in the right side of the pod while lining up the tabs of the vent trim.

9. Drill a hole for wiring in the bottom of the vent assembly. (if needed). If the wiring harness for your gauge is thin, you can fit it between the duct foam. Then reinstall the vent in the dash.


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