2016+ Honda Civic & Type R pod install

1. Use a bone trim tool or small screwdriver with a rounded edge to work around the OEM vent cover. The tabs on the vent cover are thin and delicate, be gentle to avoid cracking them.


2. Plan your wiring route. Behind the door jamb panel there is plenty of space to route your wiring down behind the dash to the firewall grommet near the pedals. Pulling back this trim piece makes the area much easier to work in. Check again for wiring before drilling into the vent at your own risk.


3. We chose to drill here during our install. Check below the vent to make sure all wiring and brackets will not obstruct your hole.


4. Route wiring down our pass through hole as needed.


5. Install your adhesive pad along the front edge of the pod to hold your gauge in place.

6.Insert your assembled single or dual CJM Industries vent base at an angle to seat the far edge. This will take a little pressure to snap through the vent hole. Make note of the circled space we left between the top edge of the dash hole and vent piece.


7. Once seated, slide the pod all the way back into the far edge of the vent slot.


8. Press down firmly on the vent slots along the closest edge of the base to secure. You should feel and hear a click when it is fully seated.


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