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Each kit includes:

  • Sonicolor circuit
  • 2 LED strips (15 ft or add an extension pack for 46 ft)
  • Power cord
  • 2 aux cords
  • 16 removable LED clips (48 for extension pack)

The Sonicolor is a precisely designed circuit that blinks RGB LED strips to the beat of your favorite music.  A must-have to keep the party going, or enhance your movie viewing experience.  All you need is an audio playing device and a speaker!

Each audio channel on the Sonicolor (right and left) is split into 3 ranges: Bass, Midrange, and Treble, yielding a total of 6 light output channels.  The default configuration is Bass = Blue, Midrange = Red, Treble = Green, but the color associated with each channel is customizable to each user’s preference.  In any configuration, the Sonicolor is capable of producing over 16 million unique colors!

The intensity of the lights reflects the audio volume on your music device.  Crank up the volume to experience a brighter light display!  The customizable design can also accommodate accessories such as LED extensions and power adapters for automotive applications.


Installation Summary

Simply connect the Sonicolor to an audio source (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) and a speaker with the included aux cables.  Next, plug the included power supply into a standard wall outlet to power the LED’s. Each light strip comes with removable adhesive pads and clips that won’t damage your walls.  The shape of the LED strips is entirely up to you!  Extensions are available to add onto your strips.


Quality Assurance

Each Sonicolor is hand assembled and stress tested in the USA.  There is a “fix or replace” warranty policy valid for 60 days after your purchase.  This warranty does not cover broken units due to improper setup.  Please refer to the User Manual to ensure proper installation.



Q:  What does the description mean by “extensions”?
A:  We offer numerous additional accessories that enhance the user’s experience.  For example, the Sonicolor can power up to 78ft of RGB LED’s.  We are always looking to develop more attachments, so let us know if you have any ideas!


Q:  The lights are too dim/too bright, how can I adjust it?
A:  The intensity of the LED’s corresponds to the volume of the music on your device.  Increasing the volume will make the lights brighter; decreasing the volume will dim the lights.  Read the User Manual for more tips on tuning the sensitivity.


Q:  What if the light strips are longer than I need them to be?
A:  The LED strips can be cut at any spot that has a picture of scissors (about every 3”).   WARNING! If you cut the LED strips, you will no longer be able to add extensions.  Any cut LED strips are non-returnable.


Have an idea for a feature or accessory?  Send us an email at and we will try and make it happen!