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MK7/7.5 GTI & Golf R AWE™ Switchpath fob holster


Regular price $40.00

**** You are buying a pod only - gauges are sold separately ****

CJM Industries llc is not affiliated with AWE tuning, the name AWE and Switchpath are the property of AWE Tuning. 


The CJM Industries fob holster is designed to fit left hand drive MK7 GTI's & R's. It snaps into the overhead console to hard mount your exhaust  fob.

Each holster is crafted from 3D printed plastic to withstand cracking, fading, and warping while still giving your car a custom fit and finish. All pods come in a raw satin black finish. They can easily be sanded and painted with a rattle can for a custom color and show quality finish.

Each order includes:
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Why 3d printed? This makes the end product cheaper for the customer while still maintaining the same level of fit with a small sacrifice in finish (which can become show quality finish with sanding and paint). Printing allows minor adjustments and custom requests to be offered in a significantly shorter lead time. 


Will you sell the STL file so I can print my own?

Sorry, at this time we are not offering the file for sale.