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  • I/We will provide our/the editorial content digitally to CJM Industries llc and grant full re-print use rights.
  • I/We agree to tag my posts with FTC compliant descriptions to ensure that any viewer would know I am sponsored by CJM Industries llc. (read more about FTC guidelines) 
  • I/We agree to post on social media and provide proof to CJM Industries BEFORE my CJM Industries llc product/s ship. Example: “Just got sponsored by CJM Industries for (product). @CJM_industries“
  • I/we agree to provide CJM Industries llc a $50 refundable deposit. The deposit will be held until our 1 year sponsorship contract is complete. If I/we fail to fulfill my obligations for post creation and agreed upon marketing efforts I forfeit my $50 deposit.
  • I/we agree to provide CJM Industries a W-9 upon request. This is only required if sponsorship payments exceed $600 in a single year in accordance with IRS regulation. A 1099-misc will be provided at year end if applicable.
  • I/we agree to affix 2 CJM Industries decals, provided by CJM Industries to the exterior of my vehicle. I/we agree to not run decals from competing companies during our sponsorship agreement.
  • I/we will mention and tag CJM Industries in any/all online and print features of my vehicle.
  • I/we agree to provide CJM Industries with 3 high quality resolution (1500px + on the smallest side) images of the CJM products I am provided within 30 days of receiving the product. I/we give CJM Industries the right to post and share these pictures on their own social media accounts. I/we additionally agree to post images of the CJM Industries products quarterly on at least 1 social media outlet.
  • Sponsorship recipient does hereby warrant and represent that CJM Industries has the non-exclusive rights to use these images in perpetuity.

     By checking the box above I agree to ALL NINE of the above terms and conditions of sponsorship.