Sonicolor - Instructions

Please read the entire owner’s manual before using the Sonicolor.



  • Avoid sharp bends in the LED strip, this may cause damage to the insulation and wiring.
  • Do not pull on the LED strips. This will fatigue or damage the connection to the control box.
  • The length of each LED chain must not exceed 39ft / 12.5M. The right and left channel both support up to 39ft / 12.5M for a total of 78ft / 25M.
  • Do not stare directly at the LED strips for extended periods of time.
  • This product is not intended for users with a predisposition for seizures.


1. Use the included 3D printed clips to hang the LED strips in any configuration you’d like.
2. If not already installed, plug in the LED strips to the control box through the screw terminals. The pinout of the screw terminals is shown below. The order of the colored wires will remap which color will react to each channel. The white or black wire must always be connected to the right most terminal as shown below (+). 

NOTE: If the insulation is covering the metal conductor of the LED wires, strip off ~⅛” of the insulation. Be careful not to damage the metal conductor while doing this.

3. Mount the control box securely to a surface using the included adhesive strips. Ensure that there is no excess tension in the LED strips. Do not leave the control box dangling.
4. Plug in the control box with the included 12V power supply.
Connect your music player (cellphone, mp3 player, tablet, bluetooth receiver, etc.) to the control box’s input port (left side) with one of the included aux cables.
5. Connect the output port of the control box to your speaker with the other included aux cable.
6. Start playing music at 50% volume. If the lights do not turn on, press the control box button. This button toggles the lights on or off.

7. Slowly raise the volume to find the best light intensity for your setting.

        Attaching Extensions

        The ends of each LED strip have a 4 pin connector that allows you to chain them. Ensure the colors line up and use the included 4 pin male connector to chain the LED strips. Do not chain more than 2 extensions on each strip.


        • It is easiest to adjust the volume on your audio player first. Use this volume adjustment to tune the sensitivity of the lights then adjust the volume on your speaker separately to achieve the volume you want
        • Not happy with the colors combinations? Try rearranging the colored wires for the LED’s.
        • Each light organ has a button that turn the lights on and off so you have the option to exclusively listen to music without disconnecting everything.

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