MK5 GTI / GLI / Jetta & MK6 GTI / Golf

For MK5 all Variants
For Mk6 Golf Variants only

RISK OF INJURY, Proceed at your own risk. Disconnect your battery! Wait 15 minutes to prevent the airbag from deploying.

1. Remove the fuse panel cover with a trim tool. Remove the lower door jamb trim piece by gently prying it out.

2. Remove the airbag screw cover at the top of the pillar with a trim tool. Remove the Torx T20 screw. There are 5 clips that retain the pillar, gently push up in the direction of the pillar to release them.

3. Remove OEM vent cover with a bone tool or flathead screwdriver wrapped in tape to avoid scratching. The tabs will be fragile, work around the top edge and upper sides to release the vent.

4. Assess the space you have to route the wiring for your gauges down into the fuse panel area. Some drilling may be required for mechanical gauges that use vacuum hose. Drill at your own risk, use protective glasses!

5. Fold back the rubber vent on the back side of the a-pillar. Put the lower edge of the CJM vent into the defrost opening, work around the edge to snap in each clip. The vent is made slightly smaller than the opening to allow for minor adjustment.

6. We suggest running the long side of the adhesive pad along the front edge of the pod. Most gauges will friction fit and not require removal of the adhesive cover on the gauge side.

Note: AEM X Series gauges come with a black rubber band that can be used instead of the adhesive pads.
7. Screw the pod into onto the vent base. Fold the rubber vent back into place on the pillar. Finish tucking your wiring. Reinstall the a-pillar in the opposite order, lock- ing in the 5 clips, then screw in the torx up top.



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