MK4 single or dual pod install

1. Remove OEM vent cover with bone tool. Pry around the perimeter of the vent to slide it out. 
2. Check behind doorjamb fuse panel for wiring and dash supports before drilling at your own risk. We chose to drill here during our install. A metal coat hanger or fish tape is helpful for this step. 
3. Route wiring down the vent hole as needed.
4. Screw the base to the pod and mount your gauge.
5. We suggest running the long side of the adhesive pad along the front edge of the pod.
6. Most pods will friction fit and not require removal of the adhesive cover on the gauge side. A rubber band can also be used to friction fit the gauge inside the pod. 
Note: AEM X Series gauges come with a black rubber band that can be used instead of the adhesive pads.

7. Insert CJM Ind. vent base at an angle and slide the edge near the windshield into place. Press the front edge down closest to the steering wheel, while gently rotating the pod to seat the front tabs. Do not press down on the vent fins. 
8.  The pod can be rotated to your preferred viewing angle.



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