About us

CJM Industries was established in January 2017 in the Philly suburbs. All of our design and testing, and most of our manufacturing now takes place in Phoenixville, PA. This gives us more control over production and allows for continuous improvement in our designs. We do outsource some components, but always support our local US based companies when we can't make pieces for our products in house. 



Traditional plastic manufacturing requires high startup costs, preventing small businesses from breaking into the market. We look at things differently; 3D printing has opened up a whole new world of possibility in plastic manufacturing.  Without expensive tooling costs to consider, we can continuously improve our design and aesthetics based on feedback we receive from the community. We believe that our customers provide critical input that pushes our products beyond what other brands can offer.


We want to make the unique parts that you need for your dream build, that otherwise could not be made by traditional manufacturing methods. We strive to create innovative products that deliver on the requests from our users, at a competitive price, with a shorter lead time.

If we don’t already offer a design for your car build, submit a request.  And if you have any ideas or suggestions on existing products, feel free to send us a text or email!  We wouldn’t be here without the likes, comments, and shares that our posts have received on social media.  Thanks for the continued support!

Chris & the CJM team.